Hello !

Welcome, dear friends !

I would like to tell you what kind of projects I am currently carrying out at the moment.

My idea is to unify two things: my profession, Economics, with Art.

These are three things in life I love to do:  to act, to dance and to make business.

I am fusioning the marketing and business aspect with the performance aspect: cinema, dance, music,  – and the good energy.

I invite you to follow your own dreams and to connect you with the energy of life!

                                                                                              Gaston   :-)


My idea is to participate as an actor in intercultural film projects.

I would like to tell the people own experiences I have lived, from different countries of the world, different cultures, languages and customs.

I want to show that it doesn’t matter where you live on this planet - there are feelings, attitudes and reactions that are the same in every human being.

Everywhere in the world you can find people thinking positive and others with other thinking.

Living with Success, Peace and Happiness depends on us and is within arm’s reach. We just have to make the decision and need the courage to make it true!

I would be glad to hear your opinion on this subject. Please write it in:
Thank you very much! 

At the moment, I am working in various productions and serials for German Television, with little roles.
(ZDF, RTL etc., for example the serial « Soko 5113 », « R.I.S. »,  « Verliebt in Berlin», « Schmetterlinge im Bauch », etc.).


>Tango Argentino

Passion, Seduction, Style.

A magic world where passion merges with music, seduction with movement and emotion with melody.

Let’s discover this world together… 

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Explosion, Energy, Rythm and Flavour.

If anybody wants to feel adrenalin in the body,
salsa is the perfect way to get it.

Join me on the way to the magic of the rhythm, heat and enery!